So far the only clone we’ve seen interact with Helena (and live to tell the tale) is Sarah. 

I want Alison to meet Helena with an expression of pure terror and a strong disapproval for her being alive. To constantly tell Sarah that “the supposedly  dead are supposed to stay dead” and that no matter what Helena’s benefits are (saving Kira or whatever they may be) she’s too much of a risk. That Helena is the very embodiment of a bad idea.

I want Cosima to meet Helena with caution and fascination, acutely aware of where her own biology could’ve led while simultaneously in awe of nurture’s effects on Helena. I want her to secretly want to get blood samples and study how Helena could’ve survived, but also agree with Alison that Helena surviving shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

I want Rachel to meet Helena and for the first time feel a stir deep inside her. To look at Helena with the condescension of someone looking at a feral dog, but at the same time realize how similar they are, and how much that scares her. How much her own biology scares her. I want her to icily conduct tests and research with cold calculation, while underneath she is trembling at the very sight of a clone gone wrong and what would ever happen if she herself went wrong.

Elsa + hairporn